Dissertations by Special Education graduates



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1. DAFFA, Flora F. Teachers, students and parents perception of the cause of poor mathematics performance among Deaf students in Tanzania.
2. KAGGI, Charles E. Mother-infant dialogue; A case study of Developing Swahili language in the first month of life.
3. WALALAZE, Alfred Y. The Shambala community perception of children with Autism: A case study of Mlalo ward, Lushoto District.
4. OBEL, Grace. Regular teacher’s attitude towards pupils with reading difficulties: A case study of selected primary school in Rungwe District.
5. MARGWE, Mali Teaching children with hearing impairment in Tanzania special school: A case study of Dongobesh school for the deaf Mbulu Manyara.
6. MCHANJA Fatuma I. The effects of spastic cerebral palsy in speech and Swahili language development on children with cerebral palsy in Kilimanjaro Region: A case study of KCMC referral Hospaital.
7. FRED, Julie Language delay in children: A case study of Luguru community in Mbete at Morogoro Region.
8. KYELULA, Christophora V. Involvement of Bena parents in Developing communication among 12 month children: A case study of Moronga Village Njombe Region in Tanzania.
9. MAGOGO, Muhusin N. Effects of Articulation disorders on academic performance in primary school pupils in Tanzania.
10. ADAM, Amina. Teaching pupils with hearing impairment in Tanzania primary school: A case study of Buguruni primary school for the Deaf in Ilala-Dar es salaam.
11. NDUNGURU, Angelicar B. Teachers experience in enhancing communication skills among pupils with moderate Autism in inclusive primary school setting in Tanzania. A case study of Arusha city councils and Meru Distinct.
12. MAYALA, Sylvester. Supporting pre-primary school childeen with hearing impairment in Sengerema township: A case study Sengerema primary school special education unit Mwanza –Tanzania.
13. KAAYA, Elizabeth P. Communication problems facing students with hearing impairment in inclusive classrooms in secondary school in Tanzania: A case study of Moshi Technical secondary school.
14. UJANJA, Edward E. Mother under one year child communicative relationship in Tanzania.
15. GENOVEVA, Emmanuel. Exploring experience of primary teachers in Teaching pupils with language disorders on how to read in Tanzania.
16. KUBIKA, Mbwana A. Assessment of the competence of teachers in teaching mathematics to deaf pupils in special primary school in Tanzania: A case study of selected special school and Units for the Deaf in Dar es salaam.
17. KOMBA, Upendo G. Practice in the teaching of Braille to beginners in Tanzania primary school.
18. NYAGAWA, Moses. Tanzania primary school teacher’s perception of assistive technology for learners with Visual Impairments.


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Mtega, H.

Parent’s involvement in the primary education of their visually impaired children in Tanga Region.
Lightness, M.

Adequacy of interactions among students with intellectual impairment during reading and classes at Imani vocational centre Moshi Rural District. 
Meshack, M.

The role of Tanzania society for the blind in the services for visually impaired and blind people in Tanzania. 

Gaspa, M. B.

Factors influencing acquisition of social skills among children with intellectual disability: A case of Buigiri mission primary school. 

Magambo, M.

Involvement of regular primary school teachers in supporting learners with intellectual impairments in inclusive schools in Tanzania: A case study of Kitopeni primary school in Lushoto. 

Constantine, M.

University Education studies and primary school teachers’ perceptions about the inclusion of learners with intellectual impairment into regular classrooms: A case of two private universities and two Primary schools in Tanzania. 

Elirehema, J.

Practice in the teaching /learning of blind learners in secondary education in Tanzania. 


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Singo J. Alphonce
Efficacy of functional skills for students withintellectual impairments in inclusive education: The case study of ChundaPrimary School.
2. Likwelile, D. Kilian Practice in inclusive Education for learnerswith hearing impairments at Moshi Technical secondary school.ragment–
3. Ndomondo, Aman D. The efficacy of total communication on academicperformance of the deaf and hard of hearing pupils: The case of Iringa School for the Deaf, Iringa Region.
4. Elly Chawala Influence of Teacher instruction and grapho-gameon the acquisition of reading skills: he case of Shukilai Primary School in Lushoto District.
5. Bekko, Sebastian M. The Role of school leadership in promotingpositive school climate in inclusive schools for pupils within Tanzania: Thecase of Patandi primary school.
6. Mrisho, Raphael J. The role of people with visual impairments inthe Shambala Traditional Education.
7. Mbaraka Nuru The Hadzabe community perception of visualimpairments and people with visual impairment.
8. Thadeo Edigius Contribution of community-based rehabilitationto vocation skills development among persons with intellectual disability inUsa River.
9. Majala, Beatrice Parents’ attitudes towards academic performanceof children with intellectual impairment: The case of Mbeya  City.
10. Msingwa J. Venance Exploring parent’s experience of raising their newly born children with hearing impairment: the case of Dar es Salaam City.
11. Gamba Daudi Integration of assistive technology in learning to pupils with hearing impairment: The case of Sengerema District in Mwanza Region.
12. Hildagard John The Iraqw community perception of visual impairments and people with visual Impairments. 
13. Kilaghane B. Lela The communication competence in Tanzanian Sign Language among SEKOMU students.
14. Mashauri David Challenges facing special need education officers in implementing inclusive education in Tanzania: The case study of Kigoma Region. 
15. Hasani Hidaya The influence of teachers teaching practices on reading ability among standard one pupils: the case of Muheza district
16. Stanislaus Emanuel Effectiveness of donated hearing aids to children with hearing loss in Tanzania
17. Mlawa N. Ngossa Teaching practices for effective learning of deaf children with multiple disabilities: The case of Mwanga School for the Deaf.
18. Msabaha Anjelina A. Contribution of North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church In Tanzania In Offering Services To Children With Autism.
19. Ndoghwe Christina Y. Regular Teachers’ practices on Early Identification of lower grades children at risk of expressive language disorder in Korogwe District.
20. Edington, Lucy Parents’ perception on the efficiency of the pre-vocational program for learners with intellectual disabilities at Irente Rainbow School in Lushoto Distict.
21. Mhanusi, Anna Influence of working mothers’ awareness and practices on Early Kiswahili Language development of 3-24 months old infant in Kinondoni Municipality.
22. Reuben, Vicky Perception of regular pupils on learners with intellectual disability as regards to social skills acquisition in Moshi municipality Tanzania.
23. Augo, Rogers E. Influence of Graphogame on Literacy acquisition among primary school children in Tanzania: The case of Mabughai Primary School.
24. Mhando, Gideon Teacher’s practices Towards addressing at Risk children of reading problems in Kiswahili Language: A case of Mbula and Kitopeni Primary Schools in Lushoto District, Tanga Region.
25. Rashidi H. Mgalula Assessing the Effectiveness of Graphogame–Kiswahili as an Intervention Designed to support the development of Early Literacy Skills.
26. Chamshama O. Selemani Community perception towards deaf and hard of hearing students in inclusive setting: The case of Moshi Technical Secondary School, Kilimanjaro Region.
27. Mollel Meleji Sikari The influence of Maasai culture on the provisionof early intervention services for intellectually impaired children in Mvomero District, Morogoro Region.


1. LILIAN, F. Regular teachers’ perception of pupils with stuttering in public primary schools of Mbeya City
2. DANIEL, E.M. Deaf students’ awareness of sexually transmitted diseases in Njombe Region:  A Case study of Njombe Secondary School
3. MUSSA, M Factors influencing school dropout problem among learner’s with hearing impairments in Zanzibar primary schools: A Case of Mkoani District
4. JOSHUA, K. Influence of personality disorder on academic performance among secondary school students in Tanzania
5. EMANUEL, C. S. The role of plays in developing social skills among learners with intellectual impairment in Tanzania: A Case of Irente Rainbow School
6. WINFRIDA, M. Regular teachers’ practices in teaching pupils with Hearing Impairment in a special school: A Case of Njombe Primary school for the Blind
7. STANLEY, S. The Shambala Community Practice in Supporting Persons with intellectual impairments in learning functional skills
8. MSAFIRI, D. Special teachers practice in Teaching pupils with intellectual Disability in Tanzania Primary schools: Conception, methods, challenges and suggestions
9. SIXBERTHA, K. Teachers` attitudes towards Transition planning for children with Down Syndrome in Tanzania inclusive schools: a case of five inclusive in Mbinga District
10. MFWIMI, A. National Strategy on inclusive education influence on Primary Education for Tanzanian Visual Impaired person