June in history

This page briefly highlights events that happened this month in history. The events are either connected to SEKOMU and its work or to the development of special education and efforts of including persons with disabilities in communities. If you have information that falls within this framework,  please share it with others by sending it to  <international@irl-sekomu.org>

30TH JUNE 1934

Mama Elfriede Kolowa was born. This year she will celebrate her 85th birthday. Mama Elfriede Kolowa is the widow of the late Bishop Dr. Sebastian Kolowa who headed the North Eastern Diocese of the ELCT from 1972 to 1992. The name of the first university in Tanzania to offer degree programmes in Special Education according to specialization areas, Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University,  comes from this man!

30th June 1991

In the North Eastern Diocese of the ELCT, the first female pastors were ordained! Thereby the diocese got three female pastors. These were Sabina Lumwe, Joyce Kibanga and Anneth Munga.


24th May 2014

With the aim of enabling dyslexic children in Abu Dhabi to learn basic letters and sounds, Ta’lem Centre announced that it was going to adapt an interactive game that had been introduced by Niilo Maki Institute from Finland.

29th May 2012

The Tanzania Commission for Universities decided to transform Sebastian Kolowa University College of Tumaini University (SEKUCo) into a full-fledged university, Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU).

27th may 1993

The Law of Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS) was enacted by the Swedish Parliament.


14th april 1989

Savas, a home for persons with disabilities was opened in Pieksamaki, Finland

1st april 2013

The first batch of Master of Education in Special Education (M.Ed.SPED) students was registered at SEKOMU.

2ND APRIL 2007

The UN approved April 2nd to be the WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY.

5th april 2019

Prof. Marg Csapo, the founder of the International Association of Special Education, died at the age of 90.


11th march 2016

The then Deputy Vice Chancellor for Planning, Finance and Administration, Rev. Dr. Eberhardt Ngugi was elected to the position of Principal Dean of the North Eastern Diocese of the ELCT at its 1st Synod Synod after the celebrations of 125 years since the beginning of mission work in north eastern Tanzania.

11TH MARCH 2007

Rev. Sosthenes Kibanga was killed. He was shot dead as he was returning to Soni from Mlalo where he had attended the installation service of Rev. Gideon Ngotonyingi to be the head of Northern Deanery of the NED. At the time of his death, Rev. Sosthenes Kibanga was the head of the Southern Deanery of the NED. In honour of Rev. Sosthenes Kibanga’s contribution in building SEKUCo, a disability friendly hostel was given his name.