IASE Post-conference tours

On Thursday July 18, 2019, after the conference has been closed, we invite you to visit schools, homes and rehabilitation centers. You can choose to take part in ONE of the tours below:

Tour One

… is to a variety of social service agencies in the Irente area: Irente Children’s Home, Irente Rainbow School (school for autistic children), Irente School for the Blind, Irente Farm and Irente Viewpoint. This will cost each person $20 USD (TZS. 46,000/=) and includes the vehicle, fuel, driver, meals and drinks.

Tour Two

… takes you to visit Lutindi Mental Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre and a tea factory which is literally at the top of a mountain. It provides an opportunity to visit the oldest psychiatric Hospital in East Africa, a modern hospital with 120 beds. The tour also provides registrants with a first hand experience on how tea is grown, harvested, and prepared for shipping around the world. Lutindi receives over 600 inpatients and 6,000 outpatients per year from all over Tanzania. This option will cost individual registrants $25 USD (TZS. 58,000/=) which covers the vehicle, fuel, driver, meals and drinks.