IASE Volunteer Application Form


From 14th to 17th July 2019, Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) will be hosting the 16th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Special Education (IASE). We are looking for 15 committed and hard-working students or former students of SEKOMU who will be ready to serve as volunteers during the conference. Kindly read the description of duties below, fill in the form (see the last page) and submit it to Dr. Albert Idahya <albertshekaidahya@gmail.com> and Afizai Vuliva <afizavuliva@yahoo.com> and Lucy Edington <lucy.mwinuka@yahoo.com>  not later than 30th April 2019.

1) Duties related to the conference and its participants:
a) To receive conference participants when they arrive and escort them to their rooms or direct them on how to get to their hotels.  
b) To meet conference participants with positive attitude and assist them during the conference.  
c) To introduce presenters to participants during concurrent sessions.
d) To ensure that the rooms being used for concurrent presentations are always equipped with the necessary furniture and tools, including projectors, small podium, chairs and front table.  
e) To ensure all meals are ready in accordance with the timetable.
f) To ensure that all halls and rooms are prepared timely.  
g) To report electricity problems to the electrician.  
h) To distribute water to participants during the meetings.
i) To alert the sub-committee leaders about any possible delay.
j) To report with immediate effect to the chairperson of the Security and Immigration Sub-committee whenever they suspect threats.

2) Duties related to non-participants:
a) To direct and advice non-participants when requested.  
b) To report to the Reception desk if there is any problem related to non-participants.
3) Services provided to volunteers:
The volunteer serving at the 16th Biennial IASE Conference to be held at SEKOMU, Magamba, from 14th – 17th July 2019 will receive the following services:
a) Meals: 
(i) Breakfast from 14th to 18th July 2019.
(ii) 10-Oclock and 4-Oclock tea from 14th to 17th July 2019.                   
(iii) Dinner from 13th to 17th July 2019  
b) Accommodation:
Maria Vogel hostel (Campus B) will be reserved for volunteers.
c) Certificate: 
Volunteers will be awarded the IASE CERTIFICATE OF VOLUNTEERING.  

Are you interested to serve as IASE volunteer in the coming conference? Kindly fill in the attached form and submit it to the following email addresses: albertshekaidahya@gmail.com AND afizavuliva@gmail.com AND lucy.mwinuka@yahoo.com