Aesthetic learning

Music and rhythmic are part and parcel of many cultures.  In November 2017, Katarina Ridderstedt and Elin Isaksson from Sweden (holders of Master degrees from the Music  Academy of  Malmö) conducted a workshop for B.Ed.SN students specializing on Cognitive  Disabilities and Autism at SEKOMU. The workshop had the title “Aesthetic Learning”  and was divided into the topics of Experiencing Music with Body and Voice, Learning  Styles and Pedagogics, Motivation Process and Goals, Assessment and Grading,  Interpretation and Lyrics.

More than seventy teachers-to-be took part in the workshop. They were eagerly trying  to use body and voice to communicate. The workshop had many practical exercises,  combined with group discussions. Students were inspired, motivated and  encouraged to use aesthetic communication in their own teaching, including  variations in body language and voice. Students developed their own skills during the workshop sessions and learned to  interact in new ways, using for example,  body and vision without talking and that could be useful when teaching pupils with hearing impairment.  

The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, International Relations and Linkages plans to arrange similar workshops for parents of children with cognitive disabilities and autism as well as school teachers within Lushoto district.