Regional and National linkages

Lutindi Mental Hospital (1904) and Korogwe Outreach Clinic offering medical treatment and rehabilitation to people with mental health challenges, drug addicts, alcoholics and persons suffering from epilepsy.

Mirembe Mental Hospital in Dodoma.

Irente Children’s Home (1962) – Training caretakers of babies on how to stimulate speech and language development.

Irente School for the Blind (1963) offering pre-primary and primary education to children who are either totally blind or those with low vision. Since 2017, the school also receives sighted children – Practical training to SEKOMU students studying Visual impairments & Low vision.

Irente Rainbow School (2005) for learners with cognitive disabilities and autism together with its outreach programme. The school also receives children at pre-school age who are non-disabled – Practical training to SEKOMU students who have opted to specialize in the fields of Cognitive disabilities & Autism.

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) is a Tanzania​n​ health care organization ​which works to prevent disability, provide affordable medical & rehabilitative services and empower people with disabilities as well as their families. CCBRT offers practical training to SEKOMU’s special education students, particularly those specializing on Speech and Language Disorders

Congregations and sub-congregations – they offer practical training to Diploma in Theology Students.

Lwandai Secondary School (1987) which offers secondary education from Form I to Form VI – Practical training to SEKOMU Education students preparing to teach in secondary schools.

Bangala Lutheran Junior Seminary (2001) offering ordinary level secondary education – Practical training to SEKOMU Education students preparing to teach in secondary schools.

Irente Bio-diversity Reserve (1960) – SEKOMU BSc Eco-tourism & Nature Conservation students.

National Parks – SEKOMU BSc in Eco-tourism & Nature Conservation students.