Water for All

Since 2009, villages in Lushoto district have benefitted from the project
“Mazi kwa woshe” (Water for all) started by partners in Germany. Meanwhile, SEKOMU students studying Bachelor of Science in Eco-tourism & Nature Conservation have conducted awareness creation on watersheds, water rights and water cleanliness among community members.

Water is a God-given right and a necessity to all creatures! Human beings,
animals and plants cannot survive without water. In rural areas, it is common to find villages without permanent water supply. Villagers in general, and women in particular, have to walk long distances to fetch water for domestic use. With most of their time being spent on finding water, other activities related to income generation get stranded. Sanitation which is vital in preventing diseases also requires availability of water. Without water, family health is negatively affected.

When families happen to have children and/or youths who have disabilities and require special attention, inaccessibility of water becomes particularly challenging. Mothers may need to leave these children behind as they struggle with water shortage. In order to ensure that the child remains safe, they lock them inside for hours. For other community members, this may be perceived as cruelty at its worst. But for the concerned families, it is about choosing the lesser evil for the sake of survival of all, including the member with disability.

Looking into all these aspects, projects like “Mazi kwa Woshe” improve life for vulnerable people. Accessibility to water transforms lives of society members. We are grateful to partners in Minden who have decided to support Shume villagers. Likewise, we at SEKOMU are grateful for the opportunity to play our part in making this project sustainable for the benefit of all!